Village Fête June 1st

Just a quick one – the annual village fête takes place just up the street at Williamson Hall on Saturday June 1st. It’s a really nice event and showcases some of the local organisations and enterprises. I’ll be hitting the tea room to sample the baking…!

Deer, Otters, Wolves & Falcons

The Scottish Deer Centre is only 11 miles away and we went there using a Groupon coupon (they seem to be regular so have a google to see if is a available).

We got there mid morning for the 11am ranger talk and tour, where we walked the park (it’s circular, flat, good access, not too far… and you stop for a talk at each pen anyway).

It was brilliant getting up close to all the different animals. They also had 3 falconry shows through the day, which were superb).

The kids play area has had a facelift with new wooden climbing towers added and it really looks the part in the woods.

Really good day out, whether for adults alone or if with kids.  We all returned home happy and tired.

Eagle Owl hunting on the wing
Falconer and her Falcon

Sunshine for Easter weekend

Looks like things were timed just right for this weekend – no end of sunshine, warm weather and the tulips in front of the cottage in full bloom.  It’s a shame that they won’t last very long.  We have summer flowers growing at the moment but will need to find something to bridge the gap.   But for now… these will do nicely.

Rainbows, Flowers and Parrots

There’s a song by Jimmy Webb called “If these walls could speak” that goes –

“If these old halls, Hallowed halls could talk,
These would have a tale to tell, Of sun going down and dinner bell,
And children playing at hide and seek
From floor to rafter,
If these halls could speak….”

Removing the aforementioned painted woodchip was like an episode of Time Team, peeling back layers of the history of the cottage.  Rainbows, flowers and parrots.   I wonder if there were kids who used this room and if there were, where their lives took them.

Looking back – Before and After

One year ago… in the thick of enlarging the 2nd bedroom and putting support in the floor to allow for the new stairs.    It was a voyage of discovery and we know one thing for certain:

We will never EVER buy a place covered in woodchip wallpaper again! 🙂

It is nice to look at it now and appreciate the effort.  We were lucky to know an awesome joiner, architect, electrician and plasterer.  The painting (and woodchip scraping…) we did ourselves.