About Us

Hello!  Here is a little bit about us!

Rowanberry Holidays is run by Emma and Gerry.   We have been running our cosy holiday cottage since 2017.  Please check-out our online reviews if you would like some independent opinions! (We are very proud of them!)

Since we met, we have spent most of our spare time and vacations exploring the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.   We share a passion for it’s outdoor landscape and an appreciation for it’s deep history.  We love a forest walk, a secluded glen, the chance spotting of a Red Stag or a Sea Eagle, an isolated beach or a snow covered mountain ridge as much as the other.   We equally appreciate the small luxuries afterwards – a fresh scone and a good coffee, a comfortable bed, nice dinner in the pub, fresh fluffy towels.

Later, having had two children, we kept that practice up so the kids would have an appreciation of what was on their doorstep and all that it had to offer… but the activities and day trips had to change a bit – no more day long expeditions out on the mountain tops! – but we still got out and about and learnt a lot about balancing vacation time with the needs of small ones.

With this experience to offer, combined with our cosy little cottage, we hope that we can help you have a magical holiday here in your cottage getway in the heart of Scotland.