New Upgraded heating system!

This was No. 1 on our list of enhancements for 2020. The old storage heaters heated up overnight and released heat during the day – when guests would not be there – and were often times cold by evening when our guests would actually be in the cottage. Our new heaters cut our consumption by 60%.. Deliver heat when it is required – not in the mornings & all gone by evening… are much more effective at heating the cottage and can be controlled remotely off peak or when unoccupied! Reduce our carbon footprint too. Big investment for us but worth it in the long term!
Here’s to cosy snug guests & a slightly greener footprint!

Remote access via smartphone

Edinburgh: National Portrait Gallery

Edinburgh Castle, Hollyrood and the Scott Monument take the limelight, but this is probably the nicest building in Edinburgh, just 5 minutes stroll from the main thoroughfare of Princes Street, it is a beautiful building inside and out and well worth a visit.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

We took the kids in to see the Tattoo last Wednesday night. We had been a couple of times in the past but neither of them had been before. It was a brilliant spectacle! As far as content goes, probably the best one we have seen so far. The theme was “Kaleidoscope” – as the kaleidoscope was a Scottish invention (and we knew that already from our visit to the V&A Museum in Dundee!).

The different colours were pegged against different musical themes, with military bands, dancers and drill teams performing to them, with lights and projections onto the Castle as a backdrop.

Tickets go on sale early in the year and are generally quite easy to get. We had seats at the lower end of the scale and as you will see from the pictures, they were still really good.

Cycling: Women’s Tour of Scotland

Less than 3 weeks until the inaugural Women’s Tour of Scotland !
Very exciting development to see a permanent UCI event being established that will bring the best of women’s cycling to Scotland. Stage 1 commences in Dundee on Fri 9th and tackles some of the hills behind the cottage en route to Dunfermline. Brilliant opportunity to see top rated cyclists!

New long distance path now open

The Fife Pilgrim Way long distance path opened last Friday, July 5th.
Fife Coast and Countryside Trust secured funding in 2017 to create a new and inspiring long-distance route through beautiful inland Fife.

Starting at Culross and North Queensferry, the 104 km/64 mile path takes in spectacular views of the Highlands, the Coast, Forth and Tay Estuaries and the Lomond Hills. It passes medieval landmarks, industrial landscapes and historic picturesque villages on its way to St. Andrews.

The route uses Fife’s existing network of rights of way, paths and tracks to offer varied opportunities for long distance, multi-day route supplemented by shorter walks and circular routes.

As you progress along the route look out for the 8 orientation panels and nine cast iron footstep features and four stone rest points along the route.

Given the route is close to us, you can use the cottage as a base and complete a section (or several sections) during your stay. Grab a Thermos from the cupboard and enjoy the ramble!