Covid-19 and our Cottage

Last Updated:     27th August 2020

This page has been put in place to give some insight into the cottage, our cleaning protocols, as well as provide a key introductory tour.

We are committed local and national government guidelines and keep ourselves updated as part of our own full time jobs, as well as via public and industry resources online.  We are deemed to have reached the Good To Go standard post Lockdown, as well as those required by some of our booking partners.   At all times we have taken a measured approach to reopening after Lockdown and will always work to respect and protect the health and welfare of our guests, neighbours, local community and ourselves.

To maintain social distancing, we are allowing guests to self check-in.    It has the benefit of maintaining social distancing, as well as allowing guests to arrive a their leisure.

With this in mind, we have prepared the following short video.   It highlights cottage access through the key-safe, Fire Equipment and health & safety, as well as showing how to boost the hot water.

Cleaning Protocols:

We purchased our cottage in late 2017 and spent 2018 refurbishing it in order to make one of the rooms into a proper Twin/Double.

We opened for business in April 2019 and at the time all carpets, curtains, beds, linen had been purchased new.

We do not allow pets in the cottage.

The cottage has always received a thorough cleaning upon departure of each guest.

    • From our perspective, our fittings were still new and we had put a lot of effort into the cottage, so we wanted to keep it clean and in good order from the outset.
    • Also, as we were just setting out to build the business, we wanted guests to arrive and know they were entering a clean cottage.

Our regime has not changed too much since we started receiving guests after Lockdown:

The only real change are some of the cleaning materials – we now use bleach-based solutions and anti-bac fabric sprays now whereas in the past we used a commercial brand cleaner.

Bedrooms are stripped, cleaned, sanitised and fresh bedding put on beds.
Linens & towels are washed using advised detergents and temperatures.

We have left soft furnishings – throw cushions & blankets – etc. up high on the wardrobes. They are to hand if someone needs them but not handled frequently otherwise.

Handrails, door handles, light switches, bedroom lamp switches, common touch areas all get wiped with a cloth damp from bleach-based solution.

Common touch areas in the living area are also cleaned thoroughly – inside of fridge, kitchen cupboard handles and counter tops, remote controls etc.

Approach on changeover is quite methodical and structured, working room by room.

We hope that this gives you some insight to our outlook and the approach we take in the current environment.

Please ask if you have any questions, concerns or requirements.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Emma & Gerry Tyrrell

Summer 2020