Keeping Busy

Here’s our kitchen all set for our next guests who arrive this afternoon. We’ve been busy since Lockdown lifted mid-July for Scotland.

After a few shorter 3 to 4 night stays were booked in quick succession, we received a few week long breaks, which takes off the pressure of turning the cottage frequently, but also means that we have a very tight window in which to prepare for the new guests, usually in the morning with them arriving late afternoon.

Where we can, we let guests depart late but same day changeovers require sharp departures. We are lucky in that our guests were leaving early anyway and, with Covid cleaning protocol to be followed, they understand. They appreciate that we did exactly the same for them just prior to their arrival.

As regards Covid cleaning, our protocol is pretty much the same, we’ve just had to change the chemicals used. Also, we tend to clean, sanitise and change a room and once complete, we don’t go back in. Also more mindful of common touch areas such as cupboard handles and switches etc.

It’s not that much more of a burden and the methodical approach helps get through it a little bit quicker if we’re honest.

Kitchen with shiny newly mopped floor below!

Clean kitchen with a sprig of mint on the table

Deer, Otters, Wolves & Falcons

The Scottish Deer Centre is only 11 miles away and we went there using a Groupon coupon (they seem to be regular so have a google to see if is a available).

We got there mid morning for the 11am ranger talk and tour, where we walked the park (it’s circular, flat, good access, not too far… and you stop for a talk at each pen anyway).

It was brilliant getting up close to all the different animals. They also had 3 falconry shows through the day, which were superb).

The kids play area has had a facelift with new wooden climbing towers added and it really looks the part in the woods.

Really good day out, whether for adults alone or if with kids.  We all returned home happy and tired.


Eagle Owl hunting on the wing

Falconer and her Falcon